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Proposed Etymology for the Latin “Silvaˮ

The Latin word silva has meanings such as wood, woods, or foliage. Our recent investigations have revealed no Proto-Indo-European roots of this word. In connection with another article, we offer a hypothesis, tracing it to the Greek, and ultimately, to words further back in time. It seems that it is imprudent to duplicate one’s writings […]

How Hobby Radio-Listening Gave Lessons in Diversity

For a very limited number of hobbyists, diversity existed before they ever heard of the word in its present context.  The following is a personal reflection of this hobby – radio listening with the intent of obtaining verifications from the stations heard. On occasion, I may specifically mean that radio, as usually referred to here, […]

Collecting Languages as if They Were Butterflies

Within my limited budget (something decreasing as the number of my years wane), I collect languages.  Herewith, I explain, with a dosage of personal rants. How does one collect a language? In the best of cases, by learning them, in which case, as will be seen further below, the learner is akin to a mathematician. […]

Warum sagt man heutzutage Schwarzer und nicht Neger?

Ja, warum? Diese Frage entstand mir heute, da es überhaupt nicht logisch ist, wenn man denkt, als das Woher? Wörterbuch zeigt, das Wort “schwarz” kommt aus das französisches Wort nègre,, aus Italienisch und Spanisch negro, und ursprünglich aus Lateinisch niger. Das Letzteres darf man ja nicht so aussprechen wie ein englisches Schimpfwort – ich habe das auf Lateinisch ungefähr “Neh-gehr” gesagt. Achtung!: Dies ist wieder ein […]

Unending War – A Past Idea

Some web sites, probably mostly with some pacifist bent, use the term “unending war”. It is not a new term – we find it more than 200 years ago in the article below. The situation is similar to that painted on the pages of the aforementioned web sites. You have a country, its armies in […]

Comments Lost in the Transfer from knol

The interface of this WordPress web-site subdomain “theme” puts into a pre-eminent position articles which were originally hosted on a Google subdomain called knols, for Knowledge Articles.  Its launch was widely touted, I heard the clarion call in Latin America through a free afternoon daily, and felt that I had something to contribute. The knols […]

Clickbait – Its Predecessors, Uses, and Abuses

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, to any excitement, unless the powers that be rescind the prohibition against clickbait – that is, if it really is blacklisted. Rather, expect an anodyne treatment of the topic, because if it were interesting, many would want to read it, and this writer would have been guilty of […]

Rigging for a Real Estate Mogul

Introduction The world never knew it – perhaps we were disfavored for our opinion – but on this web-site, we predicted a Trump win in the last 10 days of July – all without saying anything against his rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Rather late in the game, at the end of October, we reviewed a […]


No, this is not a James Bond thriller in the lines of Quantum of Solance, nor a cheap little story. It is our introduction to some Batch file programming, more correctly, in modern terminology, for the NT series of Microsoft, Windows shell scripting – among other lusterless names. Most of the information we have been […]

Not only Judicial Activism, but also Medical Protagonism

In this essay, we touch upon the potential threat to our health, and even our lives, by the medical profession – which, even without prescribing so-called big-pharma drugs, or without explicitly operating under the aegis of a government-run medical plan, may be doing other than what we thought of as their mission as defined in […]

Soaring Birds, Droning Bees: Too Much Observation, but not Enough Attraction

Preamble and Introduction This article speaks metaphorically in order to allow it to be readable by anyone, presumably without giving offence to the reader, or any necessary parent or guardian of the same.  Nevertheless, we do expect to bore those who would not be capable of understanding the message hidden herein.  May that not be the case […]

Why Trump Won the Presidency [Written in Anticipation]

Introduction I am not a citizen of the United States, but some of us Canadians watch our Southern Neighbor closely.  As a graduate of a combined History and Political Science program – a conscientious choice of studies – with an unflagging interest in such matters, I believe myself to be as entitled to be mistaken […]

The Humorous Side of Diets, Fasts, and Hunger Strikes

The persons who want to lose weight;  who have a religious obligation – seen as a burden – to fast;  or who find it advisable to go on a hunger strike, may find nothing funny about the situation they are in. The outsider of these procedures, however, may wonder about the unperceived or unintended oddities associated […]

The Pen-drive Short-cut Virus – Solutions in Context

Introduction In spite of using public computers with as much prudence as possible, and running, when conditions seem to indicate such a necessity – two anti-virus programs – we have had the misfortune of having our pen-drives infected with the short-cut virus.  This is about the single short-cut version, which hides all files and folders. […]

WWII: The Jewish Diaspora in Afghanistan

A recent investigation by the present author into plans by, or with, individuals in the Far East, principally relating to Shanghai, and the non-mercenary Dr. Ho Feng-Shan, led to the discovery of others involved in various ideas, mostly for the advantage of those who entertained them, for the settling European Jews in that area of […]

In Praise of Police

This writer believes in Law and Order, which does not necessarily mean what the reader hopes it does, but it should be close enough. The words are capitalized for a reason – to exclude those elements added arbitrarily under dictatorships, and the laws, rules, or ordinances of “democratic” governments of whatever lever, which most resemble […]

A New Frontier in the Fight against Discrimination?

A PC Satire, with Elements of Truth, on Employment A Discriminatory Employment Offering The other day, as I was walking to work in a Latin American country, to be left unnamed – to protect the innocent – I saw a sign which read, “Islander Barber Wanted”.  Now, the Spanish for “Islander” was written as in […]

Into the Hands of Hitler’s Hounds

Abstract Martyrs and those who helped alleviate the sufferings of Hitler’s victims, such as Ann Frank among the former, and Oskar Schindler and Ho Feng-Shan among the latter, are celebrated to a lesser or greater extent.  Others made a stand – how many, we do not know.  Even, if like Joseph Ratzinger, one goes AWOL from […]

Obama’s Second Trip to Kenya

We do hope that Barack Obama will have, is having, or has had a pleasant trip to Kenya as you read this. That said, we would like to comment on a few points of a Washington Post article by Kevin Sieff. Our comments refer to government policies or newspaper comments that may be questionable, which […]

Death of the American Sniper

I have been reading some articles, put on a website which I am otherwise fond of reading, about the movie American Sniper, and the person it documents, Chris Kyle. Both are presented negatively. I will present a different twist. Now, I will not see the movie, because I feel that the difference between seeing someone […]

Unlearned Lessons from the Mahdist Defeat of the British

Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah was a leader in the Sudan, who proclaimed himself a sort of redeemer for Moslems in 1891. Egypt, under Turkish rule, did not look kindly upon his ideas, which resulted in war, including intervention by the British. The Wikipedia page at this time [December 17, 2014] confusingly states that he declared […]

Orwell’s 1984 Revisited – Aged 30 Years

Introduction There was a technique taught to the generation of this author’s place and time that everything should be read twice, to help guarantee comprehension  in the event of the writing of another; or perfection – in the case of one’s own work. While in the latter case, the author has noticed that the tolls […]

Sugar, Fat, and Fatuous Legislation

Within the previous 7 days of writing this article, two attacks in on-line media were read, both of these forays practically bunker-bombing my favourite carbohydrate. No need for panic, this article won’t get technical; I just needed that word to point out that text-books have been written on these substances, part of a so-called “chemistry […]

Rye Bread, from A to Z: A Wry Story

WARNING: After absorbing this article, please verify that there are no counter-indications to digesting the products mentioned. Furthermore, note that trace impurities in the raw materials employed may lead to unexpected results, beyond those which are described below. According to the Peter Principle, anything can go awry. In addition, before concluding that I do not know what […]

Solutions for Annotum Wordpress Article Problems

Abstract The free version of the WordPress software, especially as it applies to those individuals who previously wrote now defunct knols on …, has certain limitations. Shown are some simple fixes, based on trial-and-error. Important Update [March 25, 2014] This week the editor was not allowing linking in “Articles”, though it is possible on […]