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See I A Spy Betraying its own Government?

A House divided against itself cannot stand. Los hermanos sean unidos Porque esa es la ley primera; … porque si entre ellos pelean los devoran los de afuera. – José Hernández, in El Gaucho Martín Fierro. (Have brothers stick together, because that’s the first they gotta do, … because if they’re at each other’s throats, […]

Insights on the Barometer and Building Height Joke as a Physics Question

While thinking, this afternoon, about writing something less frivolous, I suddenly found myself remembering the joke about how to measure the height of a building by using a barometer. For those who do not know it, and who do not want to visit one of the various pages describing it, attributing this to an allegedly […]

Going against the Grain

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “May you live in interesting times”.  It was a curse!  It still is.  How interesting are the times when suddenly, free speech is no longer what we thought it was, when we have to make micro after micro adjustments, if not major ones, to what we would naturally say […]

Bringing Them On – The Illegal Immigrants

We will keep it a secret – which country or countries we are talking about, that is – though in the interests of diversity – let us say: all countries concerned. At any rate, this is merely, let us say, a philosophic reflection. At my university, in the 70s, a proposed reform had the protesters […]

How the Latest News is Always Spiteful

Summary Through the discovery of the meaning of a pair of ordinary words from the Russian language, we found that it had a religious origin.  Should that supposedly biblical source be ignored, we still have an expression with surprisingly current meaning to everyday events, even in a world which more and more, suffers the twilight […]

Survey Gunsmoke ‘n Mirrors – Liberals Use Adjectives!

Introduction This article intends to reveal a specific case of defective academic output.  Our title partially mirrors the one used in the study under question – the heading suggests that what we will expose is no more than a trite work interested in excoriating a group on the basis of their politics.  Our platform is […]

Health Care under Well-Ordered Libertarianism

There have always been some, accused of being conspiracy theorists, who have argued against vaccinations. This has become a hot topic in the months just preceding the writing of this article, and we heartily agree with repudiating those writers who would prohibit such a health procedure on such grounds that, for example, it was specifically […]

Russian Movies: The Leviathan, Free Speech, and Ukraine.

I have seen some Russian movies which I have enjoyed immensely. Others were incomprehensible.  Differences in cultural mindsets may be responsible. It disturbs me to think that my taste might offend the Russians, with whom I have no beef.  Russia has a long history of combating encroachments on its territory. Victories, such as against Nazism, were […]

World War “Won” (WWW) and the Sign of the Beast (666)

Preface Introduction Numbering Systems (Base 10, etc.), A Mason’s Objection Babylonia, Base 60, and the Hexadecimal System. The Twentieth Century and 666 The Gospel (All Religions!) in all Nations Post World War One: An Age of Illusion at Sixes and Sevens. Repetitions of W W W Tracing Back Appendix: Questioning Numbers derived from Numerals Anglo-American […]

Imagery in Jean-Luc Besson’s “Lucy”

Spoiler Alert: This article, because of an emphasis on the analysis of imagery, rather than a standard movie review, reveals details, such as the ending, which would lessen enjoyment of the film for most viewers.  We find that the film deals with light and darkness. Darkness eventually prevails. Introduction Jean-Luc Besson’s movies have a certain […]

What the Heck? Ecology and a “Hitlerian Herd”

. Someone tried to do something for the environment, and it went all wrong – or did it?  In brief, a British farmer with an interest in nature, Derek Gow, was forced to terminate with extreme prejudice, part of a herd of a breed of cattle called Heck, originally developed in Germany, chiefly during the […]

Well-ordered Libertarianism

Introduction Libertarianism is often given a bad name.  It is confused with bad behaviour, a lack of ethics in personal habits, or savage capitalism.  This article inserts libertarianism within the context of a democratic form of life, gives an overview of some of its many strands.  It  specifically discusses the way it is presented on […]

God Save the Queen …

The 2012 Olympic Games in London started out with a flag mix-up for the North Korean team, unflattering comments by Mitt Romney, and the refusal of some British subjects to sing “God Save the Queen”. This article aims to show that the latter was truly an unjustifiable act, based on both an analysis of the […]