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Not only Judicial Activism, but also Medical Protagonism

In this essay, we touch upon the potential threat to our health, and even our lives, by the medical profession – which, even without prescribing so-called big-pharma drugs, or without explicitly operating under the aegis of a government-run medical plan, may be doing other than what we thought of as their mission as defined in […]

Pacifist Fight to End to Just War Theory

(Preliminary Reflections) It is reported that at a Vatican conference, one is considering a change in the teaching that a war may be fought if it is for a just reason. While we can respect the opinions of those religions, such as that of the Religious Society of Friends, a.k.a. Quakers, who have anti-bellicosity as the […]

Papal Pronouncement on Zika and the Lesser Evil

The following comment is related to the Roman Catholic’s Pope recent pronouncement on how Zika might be prevented. The reader will forgive the euphemistic language, as this author’s pages are defined as having content not restricted to any age group. By maintaining a certain level of dryness, ambiguity, and difficulty of language, the author hopes […]