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A Reflection upon Life Insurance

May the life insurance industry not become angry with me: these are mere reflections, and I am not against that industry, whatever this article might imply to the contrary.  As any normal person exercising a useful, if not necessary amount of precaution, I would like to be protected against fire, theft, bad health, and accidents; […]

Taxing the Air We Breathe

Introduction One morning, as I was thinking about the ravages of inflation, by word association, I started thinking about taxation.  This led me to remember something written in a chemistry textbook, most probably facetiously, that air is one of the few items not yet taxed.  In turn, I remembered a story read not too much […]

Taxation: The Unrecognized Voidance of Contract

Abstract In this article, we argue that certain taxes force the contributor to be the victim of a violation of privileges previously obtained and unjustly derogated.  We will not go as far as some who say that all taxation is theft – and shall explain why this is our position.  To this end, we will […]

The Misnamed “Vulture Funds”

The Setting to this Article Partial History of the Term “Vulture Funds” Birds of a Feather The Undertaker Bird and the Pelicans Lucky Animals! Of Levellers and Equalizers Conclusions . The Setting to this Article This is a partly translated, partially revised, version of an article I have put on line in what Spanish I […]