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A Reflection upon Life Insurance

May the life insurance industry not become angry with me: these are mere reflections, and I am not against that industry, whatever this article might imply to the contrary.  As any normal person exercising a useful, if not necessary amount of precaution, I would like to be protected against fire, theft, bad health, and accidents; […]

Insights on the Barometer and Building Height Joke as a Physics Question

While thinking, this afternoon, about writing something less frivolous, I suddenly found myself remembering the joke about how to measure the height of a building by using a barometer. For those who do not know it, and who do not want to visit one of the various pages describing it, attributing this to an allegedly […]

The People, Sheep, and Sheeple

Over the past few years of reading articles on the Internet, I have been constantly exposed to the word “sheeple”. I mistakenly considered it of recent coinage; when, in fact, it has been around since the 1940s, as a web search for its etymology will show. Because of my conclusion, I began to dislike the […]