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Punning (upon) “Government”

Abstract This article has the purpose presenting, both in hypothesis and in humour, ideas about the origin of the word government in 4 major languages – English, German, Russian, and Spanish.  The results can then be applied to other Romance and German tongues, more in jest than in fact.  It is the result of trying […]

Cui Bono?: From Question to Fallacy

Introduction   In our readings, we have often come across the question “cui bono?” as the key boon, the summum bonum, to the determination of whom it is behind a certain action held as being of doubtful behaviour.   This Latin expression, meaning “for whose benefit”, whether preceding or following the non-politically correct – but fellow-foreign […]

The Pen-drive Short-cut Virus – Solutions in Context

Introduction In spite of using public computers with as much prudence as possible, and running, when conditions seem to indicate such a necessity – two anti-virus programs – we have had the misfortune of having our pen-drives infected with the short-cut virus.  This is about the single short-cut version, which hides all files and folders. […]