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El origen y significado del nombre “Vanesa”

Proemio Hete aquí una versión en idioma español de mi artículo titulado Origins of the Name “Vanessa”.  No es una traducción palabra por palabra, por ejemplo, la poesía al final quedará afeada si así fuere.  También podría ser, que algunas diferencias entre los dos textos se anularán por considerar partes de la versión en español […]

Meaning of the Name “Vanessa”

Introduction Oh! To know the meaning of the name Vanessa, of which the Internet is full of contradictory information, outright falsehoods, and copies of other web pages. Let me tell you outright, Vanessa cannot mean butterfly, if the butterfly was named for Vanessa! Vanessa cannot be named after a Greek goddess, Phanessa, who never existed, […]

Obama’s Second Trip to Kenya

We do hope that Barack Obama will have, is having, or has had a pleasant trip to Kenya as you read this. That said, we would like to comment on a few points of a Washington Post article by Kevin Sieff. Our comments refer to government policies or newspaper comments that may be questionable, which […]