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Unlearned Lessons from the Mahdist Defeat of the British

Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah was a leader in the Sudan, who proclaimed himself a sort of redeemer for Moslems in 1891. Egypt, under Turkish rule, did not look kindly upon his ideas, which resulted in war, including intervention by the British. The Wikipedia page at this time [December 17, 2014] confusingly states that he declared […]

The Dastardliness of Reversing “Climate Change”

The verdict, for all intents and purposes, is in. Chemtrails exist. Substances are deliberately put into the atmosphere and the oceans in order to modify the weather on a global scale. Our soure is none other than a BBC News article of November 26, 2014, by David Shukman, titled, Geo-engineering: Climate fixes “could harm billions’. […]