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General Douglas MacArthur on “Blowback”

Those in charge of handling the the course of a war, whether its onset, or its continuation, have the responsibility to their country of making sure that the objectives will be met.  These national objectives must however fall within the framework of what is accepted by international law, whether the Geneva Convention(s) or United Nations […]

WWII POWs in Canadian Camps: A Vignette

Introduction This is a brief description of POW camp internees and their life, based on actual communications by individuals from the Axis powers (and possibly non-citizen residents) held in Canadian custody during and after World War II.  We believe this contribution to be significant for several reasons – (1) in spite of what has once been described […]

Notes on Feldpostnummer 31178: 1. Batterie Flak-Regiment 38

Introduction – Editorial The Soldier Feldpost Information Generalities Locations of Feldpostnummer 31137: 1st Battery Flak Regiment 38 (1939) Note: Extracts from the letters which were promised to be on-line in the German language may have become lost with my most recent computer failure.  Furthermore, I notice that this article seems to be incomplete, and for […]