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Collecting Languages as if They Were Butterflies

Within my limited budget (something decreasing as the number of my years wane), I collect languages.  Herewith, I explain, with a dosage of personal rants. How does one collect a language? In the best of cases, by learning them, in which case, as will be seen further below, the learner is akin to a mathematician. […]

Going against the Grain

Perhaps you have heard the expression, “May you live in interesting times”.  It was a curse!  It still is.  How interesting are the times when suddenly, free speech is no longer what we thought it was, when we have to make micro after micro adjustments, if not major ones, to what we would naturally say […]

Commenting on Past Sheer Triteness

Her name, Shere Hite, may suggest majestic heights of feminist thought.  We will let the reader decide whether such a claim is valid.  Our purpose here is to criticize an idea of hers, which I read about in April, 1994 – wherein she witheringly condemned the traditional two-parent family.  If that article is on the […]