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Solutions for Annotum WordPress Article Problems

Abstract The free version of the WordPress software, especially as it applies to those individuals who previously wrote now defunct knols on …, has certain limitations. Shown are some simple fixes, based on trial-and-error. Important Update [March 25, 2014] This week the editor was not allowing linking in “Articles”, though it is possible on […]

Writing Suggestions, with an Eye on the Internet and School

Abstract The web, for new authors, can be a proving ground, or as in the present comparison, a giant petri dish into which bacilli are injected. Results are awaited – they may be motleyed, multi-colored, or unique; innocuous or deadly. Like the professional in the laboratory, the author must be able to interpret what the […]

The Specialness of Days

Abstract The purpose of this essay is to consider, from the point of view of various traditions, how days were considered special, and some of the changes that have taken place from traditional times. The article concludes by suggesting that these days are not of good pedagogical value. This web page was originally on, […]