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Feelings on Google as a Data Miner

I have been exposed a little too much recently to allegations that we should be more frightened of the data collecting abilities of Google than of Facebook. Well, I cannot comment on the latter, its business model does not give me with anything which I am interested in. I cannot say the same for Google.  […]

The Crucifixion – Legal Death or Deicide?

Was the Crucifixion which Christians celebrate on Good Friday murder, or a legally-promulgated death (at least according to the norms of the time)? First, the question here posed (originally posted elsewhere) is specious, by presenting us with only two choices.  This would be like a police interrogation, without a lawyer (or the required objection), “Did […]

Unending War – A Past Idea

Some web sites, probably mostly with some pacifist bent, use the term “unending war”. It is not a new term – we find it more than 200 years ago in the article below. The situation is similar to that painted on the pages of the aforementioned web sites. You have a country, its armies in […]