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Lost my ‘earin’ – The Unpunished Crime

A hypothetical conversation: “Lost my ‘earin’.” “What?  Lost yer earrin’?” “Nah!” Don’t use earrin’s! Don’t ‘ear as well as I used to.” “Why don’tcha use a … ‘earin’ aid?” “It’d just make the problem worse.  Someone shouts above the normal volume, it’d ‘urt my ear like it used ta in my younger days, ‘n the […]

How to Identify Yourself as Having a Website in the Top One Per Cent

If you are the owner of a website, let’s say of a small business which has not monetized its site, or an individual in the same category, how would you know how well your website was doing, as opposed to an individual web page – in which case you are interested in finding it well […]