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Deconstruct This Dream!

J’ai trouvé la Schadenfreude! In my teen years, I was exposed, through the most unlikely of places, first in an elective business course, and then in English class, to psychological ideas. Freud was the first name heard – was this a bowdlerized, transmogrified, or a true version of his beliefs? I have to ask myself, […]

Rigging for a Real Estate Mogul

Introduction The world never knew it – perhaps we were disfavored for our opinion – but on this web-site, we predicted a Trump win in the last 10 days of July – all without saying anything against his rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Rather late in the game, at the end of October, we reviewed a […]

¿Título inútil, estudios inservibles?

Las noticias de la península ibérica, por la Agencia Europa Press, nos informó, bajo la firma de Marcos Brindicci para la agencia Reuters, y con lugar y fecha como Buenos Aires, 7 de noviembre, que un ex-gobernador de la provincia más grande de su país, del cual también fue candidato presidencial, fue acusado de fraude […]