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No, this is not a James Bond thriller in the lines of Quantum of Solance, nor a cheap little story. It is our introduction to some Batch file programming, more correctly, in modern terminology, for the NT series of Microsoft, Windows shell scripting – among other lusterless names. Most of the information we have been […]

Three Movie Reviews: Policy, Politics, and Presidents

Introduction On this page, we review in a special manner three public-domain films – light entertainment, but with some just-by-chance mentions of famous surnames; with the addition of always relevant issues, especially in relationship to elections.  They are Larceny on the Air, Corruption, and The Big Lift. All are available at for on-line viewing […]

Not only Judicial Activism, but also Medical Protagonism

In this essay, we touch upon the potential threat to our health, and even our lives, by the medical profession – which, even without prescribing so-called big-pharma drugs, or without explicitly operating under the aegis of a government-run medical plan, may be doing other than what we thought of as their mission as defined in […]