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Russo-Japanese War : History through Old Postcards

  Introduction This article emphasizes notes on historical postcards relevant to the war between Russia and Japan in the years 1904 and 1905 .  The postcards here from the the years in question, to a degree, represent  what would have passed for photo-journalism at that time.  Artistic licence would permit even more distortion of truth than any camera […]

The Misnamed “Vulture Funds”

The Setting to this Article Partial History of the Term “Vulture Funds” Birds of a Feather The Undertaker Bird and the Pelicans Lucky Animals! Of Levellers and Equalizers Conclusions . The Setting to this Article This is a partly translated, partially revised, version of an article I have put on line in what Spanish I […]

Los mal llamados fondos buitres.

Versión en inglés: The Misnamed “Vulture Funds  El [Tras]Fondo Antecedentes del término fondo buitre Una cuestión de aves El marabú y los pelícanos Conclusiones . El [Tras]Fondo de este artículo Al fin de julio de 2014, en un sitio Web polémico, – que da información que, si no fuese por las palabras que hacen confesión […]