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A 2018 G20 Demonstration in Buenos Aires

Expect no photos here, they are unnecessary. But you are going to have the background that is rarely discussed in these cases. Take any artist’s rendition of the revolutionary Paris of the French Revolutions, and you have all you need – in the public domain, even: a sea of red flags and other protest banners, […]

¿Traducido y hecho así no más?

(Este artículo es mi versión en español de ‘Translated and done “Así nomás”’, escrito en el mismo día.)   Juego un poco con las palabras, pero mi intención, en lo siguiente, fue encontrar la respuesta a una pregunta  que me , molestaba quizás hace una semana.  ¿Cómo hay que traducir la expresión al inglés?   […]

Translated and Done ¡Así nomás!?

This is one of those articles in which I present a little of my punning, together with some factual information. Our title, for example, contains two questions: The literal one, about how well I wrote this article, and “question”, in the sense of the point under discussion. It deals with a Spanish expression, which I […]

Proposed Etymology for the Latin “Silvaˮ

The Latin word silva has meanings such as wood, woods, or foliage. Our recent investigations have revealed no Proto-Indo-European roots of this word. In connection with another article, we offer a hypothesis, tracing it to the Greek, and ultimately, to words further back in time. It seems that it is imprudent to duplicate one’s writings […]

How Hobby Radio-Listening Gave Lessons in Diversity

For a very limited number of hobbyists, diversity existed before they ever heard of the word in its present context.  The following is a personal reflection of this hobby – radio listening with the intent of obtaining verifications from the stations heard. On occasion, I may specifically mean that radio, as usually referred to here, […]

German Comedy in Catterick, England, 1919

The following short article has as its purpose to attempt to hold in safe-keeping, for the remainder of history, two events which happened in the winter of 1919 in a prisoner-of-war camp in Catterick, England. The papers from which this is taken are, at the time of the reading of this article, either lost or […]

Los significados desconocidos de «publicar», y sus tristes ramificaciones

En mis años universitarios, aprendí una expresión, que se traduce con las palabras, ¡Publique o perezca!, y que contiene el idea que  los profesores universitarios no olvidasen de la Espada de Damocles suspendida sobre su carrera.  Comúnmente se traduce por «¡Publica o muere!», pero parece que los angloparlantes prefieren la aliteración de las palabras. El […]

Hidden Meanings in “Publish or Perish”

Publish or perish! This pithy expression reminds (reminded) the academic of the Sword of Damocles which hangs over the head of the non-productive professor. There are work-arounds now, in that one becomes a member of some institute for a fee, which may then accept a work in its journal. It is the academic’s equivalent of […]