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WWII POWs in Canadian Camps: A Vignette

Introduction This is a brief description of POW camp internees and their life, based on actual communications by individuals from the Axis powers (and possibly non-citizen residents) held in Canadian custody during and after World War II.  We believe this contribution to be significant for several reasons – (1) in spite of what has once been described […]

Notes on Feldpostnummer 31178: 1. Batterie Flak-Regiment 38

Introduction – Editorial The Soldier Feldpost Information Generalities Locations of Feldpostnummer 31137: 1st Battery Flak Regiment 38 (1939) Note: Extracts from the letters which were promised to be on-line in the German language may have become lost with my most recent computer failure.  Furthermore, I notice that this article seems to be incomplete, and for […]