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Paul Moeller

B.A. (Hons.)

Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Political Science, from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Fluent in English, Spanish, and German. Studied French for 6 years. Reads books in all those languages. Reading comprehension, if limited, of some other languages. Teaches privately, mostly at corporate level. Does translations. Deciphers pre-modern German handwriting.

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Consumo privado de drogas y actos afines – una discusión sobre la sancionabilidad

Este artículo se inspira en un artículo de la Constitución Argentina y por separado, por la cantidad cada vez más creciente de países que han decididos de descriminalizar el consumo de marihuana.  Nos atenemos a un enfoque teorético-filosófico; e invitamos a considerar el tema con más profundidad. Ya que la Argentina es uno de los […]

Private Drug Use and Concomitant Acts – A Discussion on their Sanctionability

This article is inspired by a section of the Argentine Constitution; and separately, by the ever-increasing list of countries which have decided to decriminalize marijuana consumption. Our focus is only theoretical-philosophical; and it intends to invite further thinking on the subject.  We have included the issue of drug use, as it is doubtful that the […]

A Reflection upon Life Insurance

May the life insurance industry not become angry with me: these are mere reflections, and I am not against that industry, whatever this article might imply to the contrary.  As any normal person exercising a useful, if not necessary amount of precaution, I would like to be protected against fire, theft, bad health, and accidents; […]

Insights on the Barometer and Building Height Joke as a Physics Question

While thinking, this afternoon, about writing something less frivolous, I suddenly found myself remembering the joke about how to measure the height of a building by using a barometer. For those who do not know it, and who do not want to visit one of the various pages describing it, attributing this to an allegedly […]

The People, Sheep, and Sheeple

Over the past few years of reading articles on the Internet, I have been constantly exposed to the word “sheeple”. I mistakenly considered it of recent coinage; when, in fact, it has been around since the 1940s, as a web search for its etymology will show. Because of my conclusion, I began to dislike the […]

General Douglas MacArthur on “Blowback”

Those in charge of handling the the course of a war, whether its onset, or its continuation, have the responsibility to their country of making sure that the objectives will be met.  These national objectives must however fall within the framework of what is accepted by international law, whether the Geneva Convention(s) or United Nations […]

What “Sins” Do the “Religious” Commit?

Introduction If the following article is not clear enough, then it is an example of the kind of moral fault that we find among highly-placed religious authorities at the time of this writing.  However, we would like to state from the outset that we neither wish neither to focus on any particular contemporary scandal, nor […]

Carta abierta a Edesur

Buenos Aires, el 20 de febrero de 2019.   A los Señores Directores de Edesur   De mi mayor consideración: Escribo esta carta, no como cliente a quien Ustedes facturan, pero tal hecho no me quita el derecho a los comentarios siguientes, ya que pago indirectamente, – no sólo en efectivo, pero en inconvenientes cuando […]

Sandmann’s Smirking

Perhaps the reader is one of those people who has become tired of all the articles and other reports about the Covington schoolkids.  Same here.  So I will take a different tack.   Some of these reports insist on the racist nature of their behavior, others have issued retractions, and a few have gone on […]

Epiphany of Three Wise Men

It has occurred to me on the Feast of the Epiphany, independently of any reference sources, that there is a certain dogmatic structure to this story.  Herewith we give our thoughts, on these perhaps real, maybe only imagined connections with associated concepts that the original relation brings to mind.  The word Epiphany, as used here, […]

Usurpation of Property and Justification of this Crime: Real Cases in Big Cities

Introduction   This article, recently published in Spanish, will consider the presence of certain crimes or misdemeanors in a various large cities, although the impetus for our writing depends upon one only.  Politically and economically, it will be sustained that some crimes seem to benefit both certain businesses and wll as politicians.  When, in the […]