State of Undress at a Sacred Site

· Morality

An article seen on the BBC website over the week-end spoke of a model who was unseemingly dressed, with the the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem as part of the background.  On the whole, we will deny her the publicity she seeks, but for those who care to investigate, her surname corresponded to that of a one-time German chancellor of aristocratic stock, before Hitler’s time; and continuing in a slightly lesser capacity thereafter, getting off a Nuremburg Trials sentence, but not one from his own country – 4 years.


According to the BBC, Haaretz, and other websites, this model is (was, if read much after the event) Belgian.  This is only to emphasize that she was not German, and not of nobility.  Nobility is something she apparently strives for in her attitude, since, according to the U.K.’s Sun website; she is “willing to pay the ultimate price”.  Sounds like the country under Hitler again – assuming that this was not journalisitic hyperbole.


The comparisons often made to Hitler are indeed childish, but note, no comparison is being made to that un-worthy. We are reflecting upon the followers, who themselves, according to that specific devil, were unworthy of him in the end. Let us give thanks that some, indeed, were his enemies.


But back to our model, we have more hypocrisy in play.


But first, a preliminary explanation must be given. As this particular web-site in my name is supposedly safe for all ages, we are restricted in what we can state, and frankly, for the purposes of this article, we are not interested in naming her specific outrage, whether she bared the soles of her shoes to a Moslem – a grave insult, or if she walked barefoot – somewhere in the world, I am sure it is prohibited, because I have been challenged for walking around in my socks.  It should not interest us if she bared her head, or if she kept her hat on when she should have doffed it.  Let us consider what she said, because her sartorial deficiencies have certainly been well dealt with elsewhere.  What interests us here is the fatuous nature of her comments.


According to the BBC, her blog talked about pushing the boundaries (if that is what she meant by “bounderies” – P.K.M.) “of religion and politics even further [by] showing my personal religion in a world where freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing.”


We can bring in Hitler again – not to say that she even approaches such evil, but that what she says reminds us of that dictator.  He was pushing boundaries all the time too – northward, westward, eastward, and southeastward.  Yes, and when push came to shove, that was the moment for the “ultimate sacrifice”.


She must think herself a religious reformer, in the shoes of a Luther, Calvin, or Zwingli! Or can it validly be stated that any of these three, or others, such as Henry VIII, “pushed the boundaries” of religion.  They would not even have spoken of a “personal religion”, as they were interested in a pure religion – well, at least three of the four mentioned.


Whither shall she push those boundaries?


Those are probably the same boundaries in R.E.M.’s “Losing my Religion” song, the idea mentioned around 30 years earlier in John Lennon’s “Imagine”. To make a hit, hit religion.  My religion is not about talking about Satanism, but this is satanic.  We once saw the delirious opinion, that the one-time Henry R. Luce, of Time-Life fame, was somehow related to the devil, because of the connection between the names Luce and Lucifer. These ranters-and-ravers get it all wrong, as Lucifer was the name of the angel before he rebelled.  No name change was ever registered after his descent into hell.


Our Venus in front of the Western Wall carries on the symbolism quite nicely, as in Spanish, the Morning Star is also known as lucifer, a poetical form for lucero, from the original Latin meaning of the proud angel’s name, light bearer.


Our lady sure is bearing a torch for her idea.  Lux is light in Latin, and we are not telling the truth, when we try to relate Luxor, Egypt, with light, where she had a previous photo shoot, but someone might think it true! The only valid tie-in between Jerusalem and Luxor, as far as illumination is concerned, is that none was lacking.


Then, we have that strange quote, about “freedom becoming a very luxurious thing”.  There we have Lux again.  Maybe she is advertising some well-know product for skin care, with this repetition of the same apparent root of these words.  Or is she representing dark powers which once were light?


Truth be told, she is “a very luxurious thing”.  This becomes evident after seeing her picture, even if the BBC version is quite “cleansed”.  Here, it is only necessary to consider the archaic meaning of luxury – lust.


Even if we took “luxurious” in its more accepted meaning, she is, devilishly, very correct. How can this be? Think of the words!  “Freedom is becoming a very luxurious thing”, that is, it is becoming a luxury – and that is for the nobility amongst us.  Excludes me, if not the reader.  It is surprising how relatively little she was punished in both countries, for what would have appeared to be a very serious breach of local standards.  I don’t think her courage would extend to doing a similar shoot in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia – unless a harem could be rented, perhaps.


The argument that she presents about her being perplexed by “people who believe a God created our bodies” considering what she shows as being offensive is typically immature, and an attempt to side-track the main issue.


Notice, she mentioned believers, not herself.  She has already given some indications of her “personal religion”.  We will not persecute her on account of it – but we defend the offended, and point out the weakness of her thoughts.


If we take the account of Creation of Judaeo-Christianity, all was well until the forbidden fruit was taken.  Perhaps it wasn’t an apple, but a fig, as fig leaves became handy. Not that it matters, the important thing is that Adam and Eve did not use the model’s shameless argument.  They wanted knowledge of good and evil, and they got it – and a free, if limited, wardrobe.


We surmise that with the money earned by modelling in this way, the unnamed heroine of this story will be able to buy a much more elegant selection of clothes than most people – luxurious clothes, accessories, and perfumes.


But her blurring borders by pushing the boundaries is the darkening of the Light.


July 4 -5, 2018


© 2018, Paul Karl Moeller

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