The Jet Pilot Episode of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

· TV Episode Review

This general review, which requires no spoiler alert, assumes that the reader is familiar with the TV comedy series mentioned in the title.

This specific TV episode is refreshingly distinct from the hallmark, or bane, of this series, the familiar freeloaders, Thorny or Wally.  The only attempt to finagle anything here is made indirectly by Ozzie himself, whose request is granted through the goodwill of an official of the United States Air Force.

Once his wish has been granted, doubts assail our intrepid hero.  These are overcome by what one may unwittingly consider abuse of a certain substance, were it not that everyone everywhere uses it 24 hours a day. Ozzie’s euphoria, according to some sources, may be the result of auto-suggestion, or, he, as producer and director – if not his brother the scriptwriter – confused the material with something else.

The program then, is wholesome family entertainment, patriotic, and without inducements to practice anything dangerous.

To use a dated expression, the show’s a gas.

Credits include the United States Air Force and North American Aviation.

Note: Because of issues with the privacy policy on a more appropriate site, I opted for putting this directly on my own subdomain on WordPress.

October 21, 2017.

© 2017, Paul Karl Moeller

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