World War “Won” (WWW) and the Sign of the Beast (666)

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Numbering Systems (Base 10, etc.), A Mason’s Objection

The Twentieth Century and 666

Tracing Back

Appendix: Questioning Numbers derived from Numerals



An idea given to the present writer from a book about Britain in the 1920s, where there was a certain repetition of the number 6, has developed into something greater. While the manipulations of the number 6 may certainly be fanciful, readers are encouraged to be on the look-out for any signs of extraordinary evil in the world, and to resist the influence of the people or things who bear such symbolism. We, here, confess to believing the first Book of the Bible as much as the last one, but when wisdom is asked for, we must often admit to knowing less than we would like to. Consider, for example, the prediction that none will be able to buy or sell without the mark on the right hand. Here we must ask what happens to the left-handed, or those who have lost their right. It would appear that, there are 3 possibilies: the good among them are taken in the rapture event, the bad among them get to die ahead of all others destined for Hell, or, the right hand means the “right” hand for carrying out one’s business. Neither of these scenarios would falsify the text, unless the original Greek language does not permit the double interpretation of our last suggestion.

The interpretations found here should not be taken as conclusive in any way. There are, however, at least 4 themes present in most writing on the topic of the nature of the “beast”: an evil leader [choose one] operating on a world-wide scale [controlling buyers and sellers, for example, only possible in the age of computers, facilitated by the Internet] with ability to let the death of prophets be shown to the entire world [television, internet, perhaps in 3D], and to rain havoc thereupon [nuclear war, perhaps conducted from satellites].

If we seem a bit too playful with some of the ideas, the intent was to see how they would play out. We are satisfied that a good argument can be made for the Twentieth Century as portending the beginning of the end – the loss of faith, morality and modesty in the Western World, which through various organizations seems to have a program to instil these values elsewhere. We will refrain from specifics.

We do not want to forget the numbering systems learned in primary school, and have found quite a few derivations pointing to Hitler as candidate for the beast. Merely listening to his voice should have sent shudders down the spines of the German peoples. Perhaps his deeds were a rehearsal to see how easily a population can be swayed by demagoguery..

As this writer is also interested in languages, we believe to have given some novel interpretations of the name from which the number is derived..

Believing that there are beastly leaders in the world, at some, if not all times, should not, however, be the primary concern of readers. It is to believe in the Scriptures which have been handed down for millenia.




No, the title is without spelling error: we have been induced to play upon the real World War One on the basis of prior readings.

This article is a little outside of the seriousness which we usually try to present to our primary audience, but it might appeal to collectors of 666-related matter.

A little bit of word play, possibly a bit of disappointment for those who take the number 666 as referring to their favourite historical or living enemy – but not necessarily. Perhaps there will be some food for thought for those whose thinking lies outside of Revelation[s], because the beast of the Apocalypse, tentatively interpreted by some Biblical scholars as Nero Caesar, when interpreted frivolously, such as to an admittedly patently identifiable monster such as Hitler, to a god of the computer age such as Bill Gates; or to concepts such as the World Wide Web (WWW), or bar codes; could end up referring to just about anyone or anything, if the numbers, or numerical values of letters in a name are [mis]appropiately manipulated.

However, unless we are soon to discover some alien civilization, we believe that the application of the predictions of the end of times can easily refer to anyone at all. We have found writers who found the number in their own name, or that of their friends, and worst of all, blasphemously.1

Be that as it may, we will argue for the beginning of the end as appearing around the year 1900.

We will therefore withhold further comment on any living person. If, as stated above, anyone could represent the “Beast”, we can safely apply the rules of non-discrimination, and not single out any individual.

If we were to do so, what would happen when 2 or more people have exactly the same name under discussion? Whom do we choose as the Beast?

This does not mean that we exclude the identification of possible Leviathans, (a word translated variously as beast, monster, serpent) as a game, as long as the results do not translate into action plans against a certainly misidentified enemy.2

But let there be no misunderstanding. The Leviathan is real. By real, we do not mean to say that we are talking about this proper noun as a concrete noun, for it may just as well be abstract. When the the noun type is chosen wisely, it will be the correct one.

But our task here is not to divert our attention to the pre-existing Leviathan, but to the number 666.


Numbering Systems (Base 10, etc.), A Mason’s Objection

We once saw an article written in a weekly published by a Freemason,3 that the problem with that number, as its author understood, was the decimal system. He had a point, but for those readers who suspect Masons as having a connection to the number under discussion, we can say, that the point was more erroneous than correct; moot at best.

Let us proceed to illustrate his meaning, and its error.

The decimal number system is based on the set of whole numbers from 0 to 9, 10 numbers in all. These numbers are in base 10, the only other really useful systems being base 2 (binary numbers) and some which are powers of the same, such as bases 8 and 16, the octadecimal and hexadecimal numbers,

When you use a mechanical counter, or the electronic representation of the same, we count the natural numbers, 1 to 9. To get 10, we need the second group of 10 numbers in the counter, from the right.

Counter set at, or having arrived at 1,234,567 890.

Counter set at, or having arrived at 1,234,567 890.

A counter, had it been invented in Caesar’s time, would have had to have been extremely cumbersome.

Caesar's Missing Counter for Roman Numerals

Caesar’s Missing Counter for Roman Numerals

Just to get to 100 would require 4 columns on the counter, and some non-numbered positions when an number such as C arises. Other arrangementgs are possible, but mechanical nightmares.

Our first problem, is that the Biblical writers did not have a number for zero. Since 666 equal 6 x 100 + Since 666 equal (6 x 102) + (6 x 101) + 6 x 100), it can be seen that without the zero of the ten, there can be no easily manipulated decimal system, which would complicate the above exlanation of how to arrive at the number 666. That does not mean that the number does not exist, but that its seemingly “magical” properties are based on the number 10.
To illustrate the meaning, imagine working out the following multiplication in Roman numerals:

VL x XC.

Both VL and XC end in zero in our system, but we can see that the manipulation of the above equation is time-consuming. The answer, MMMDC, can be arrived at by us moderns by cheating, using our own number system, and converting. If we could travel back into time, the Roman would be amazed at what we could do!

So let’s go back to Babylonia, which had a number system based on 60. It might be compared to a bulky version of the Roman System, for the number 59 looks like a most complicated ideogram.

Babylonian Numeral 59, extracted from, where it was put into the Public Domain by user "Sugarfish".

Babylonian Numeral 59, extracted from, where it was put into the Public Domain by user “Sugarfish”.

Our use of 60 seconds making a minute, 60 minutes making an hour; and in navigation and mathematics, a degree, is a holdover of the Babylonian system. Not to forget, that in geometry, 60 x 60 degrees is the number of degrees in a circle; that in telling time, a day is one-fifth of 60 hours, and a year is just over 60 x 6 days, and most horrifically, we might almost say, the leap year is (60 x 6) + 6 days. Rub out the zero, and the “x” and “+”, and what have we got?

Small little problem for our game, the Babylonians didn’t have a zero either, though they had the funny idea of representing it with an empty space between numbers. Their mathematicians must have been very good!

Before we see how the change of number systems might help our Masonic author defeat the preoccupation with 666, let us see one of the ways in which he is not helped at all: Roman numerals.

The Roman numeral for 666 is DCLXVI. If there is any “mystical” property to this representation, it is that beginning with the largest unit used, “D” for 500, we consecutively use all the remaining Roman numerals, down to the smallest, thus giving the series: 500 + 100 + 50 + 10 + 5 + 1. Restated, we get (500 + 100)+ (50 + 10) + (5 + 1). The Romans didn’t have a zero either, but we still get:

(500 + 100)+ (50 + 10) + (5 + 1), or 5 + 1 in each position, so it really didn’t matter if they had the zero or not.

In that event, our Masonic writer should have opted to take a very anti-Western stance, and ask that we dump both the decimal system, and Roman numerals. But the truth is, he criticized, without being aware that our Western system was not even in the verse which he implicitly criticized.


Babylonia, Base 60, and the Hexadecimal System.

Could it be, as we we have traced in our article, Conspiracy Theory 1A6, that Masons have a connection to Babylonia?

Let us try to understand how the Babylonian number system might work, by comparing it with the hexadiecimal one.

Our computers have a calculator, and if under options, we choose the scientific version, you type in a 16, choose the button for hexadecimal, meaning 6 + 10, more or less, and the answer is 10. In other words, 16 in the “6 + 10” system is 10. Stay there, subtract 1, and the answer is “F”. So, in modern mathematics, our decimal numbers, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 are A, B, C, D, E, and F. A very good head for figures would be need to multiply F by F mentally, which gives the result E1. Who would have guessed?

Depending upon which font is used in reading that text of “E1” might be read as “El”, in Times New Roman, the difference is seen only in the spacing. “El”, written in Hebrew letters, אל, means “a hero”, “a god”, “a strong mighty one”, and with the appropiate modifier, “the True God” (Karl Feyerabend, Langenscheidt’s Pocket Hebrew Dictionary to the Old Testament).

But we look for the antithesis of God, the anti-hero.

Six hundred sixty six in hexadecimal is 294. Yes! No more “magic” in the appearance of the number. In binary, the computer-required numbering system, the representation is 1010011010. No pattern there, either.

Now, if we were to recreate the Babylonian system, without knowing what they really used, we would use something like the hexadecimal system, with letters for the missing numers. (We will have the advantage of the number zero, which makes things unrealistic, but easier!) But we lack 60 letters in our alphabet, even if we use capital and small letters. What is to be done?

ASCII code beginning with the character for “0” (zero), or 048, lends itself appropriately to our purpose. Fifty-nine would be “k”, the small one. Some of the numbers would be represented by punctuation marks. The second column from the right, when read with a 0 in the first column, when showing 10, is 60 in decimal, a 3rd column represents 360 in our decimal system, is shown as 100 So, 666 in decimal, is 1 in the 360 column, leaving a remainder of 306, which is divisible by 60 5 times, leaving a remainder of 6. Thus, the representation is 156 in base 60. Hardly an impressive number!

Or is it? You might argue that 666 is the sum of two permutations of the numbers 0, 3, and 6, and furthermore, that 1, 5, and 6 of base 60 give a 1 and 5 which add up to 6, plus a 6 (compare this to casting out nines), so the escape from 666 was not very far, if at all, considering that the two-thirds could be representated by 0.66, or 0.666, the meaning being more or less clear even when shown with only two digits. If we represent the repetition with 3 dots, then 0.666… is another method of expressing 0.(6), as explained in Wikipedia.  (The method with the horizontal line above the six is not an option in this document, and would change nothing.)


The Twentieth Century and 666

We will now show how 666 plays a significant role in the 20th Century.


The Gospel (All Religions!) in all Nations

Now, according to the Christian point of view, as reflected in the New Testament, the last days will not come until the Gospel has been taught in all nations. This has been done. Based on the Book of Revelation, not everyone will be a believer, though.

We might go one step further, in the interests of diversity, and suggest, without meaning to detract from the Christian point of view, but rather to fortify it, that the last days are on the horizon when all religions have been brought to all nations, for example, by laws in favour of non-discrimination. So, as we have seen Christianity brought to Buddhist and Moslem countries, Islam and Buddhism have been brought to Christian corners of the globe. It thus does not suit our purposes to say, “mission accomplished”, when principally the Spaniards, French, and the British were competing for global domination, each on their own terms, but when the countries to which they had come, would agressively give pay-back.

This was not very possible before the Twentieth Century. However, the European powers were helping some other nations develop their own clout.

For example, the British and Americans wanted to make Japan stronger, to use it as a counter-weight against Russia. They ended up making Japan stronger than intended, for Japan had a decisive victory at the beginning of the 20th Century against Tsarist forces. It was the time of testing weapons and tactics that were to be used, – or ignored, in the First World War.

Care should be used in saying England, France, the United States, and their lesser allies won, though that’s one way of looking at it.

Another way of looking at it is that the winners were two of the most evil men on the planet at the time, thrust into prominence by the turmoil of their countries, Hitler in Germany, Stalin in Russia.

So, while a few emperors were cast away, and real or sham democracies took root, because one dictator was elected by a brown-shirt brow-beating group of thugs, and another led a motley group of “people’s democracies”; on the whole, it would appear that the people in both the West, and the dictator-ruled countries, were, initially, at least, happy with their rulers. Everyone’s a winner! World War Won.

So, what does all of this have to do with “666”?


Post World War One: An Age of Illusion at Sixes and Sevens.

Upon rereading the book, The Age of Illusion, by Ronald Blythe [Penguin, 1963], we were struck by a certain recurrence of the number 6.

The Dean of Westminster had suggested burying an unnamed soldiers in the abbey, to be remembered by the living for his contributions in the Great War. (Pp. 16, 17).

Does the number 6 have a military significance?  Here is why we ask.

Six nameless soldiers were to be dug up in France, from those who had probably died in the first days of the war.

Six details went out to what are described as the six main battlefields in France (p. 17).

Six army ambulances separately brought the caskets with the soldiers to an army location in Ypres. One casket was selected by a blindfolded army officer (p. 18).

Six destroyers accompanied the ship Verdun, which brought the coffin to England (p. 19).

It is perfectly logical that 6 different details would be needed to find 6 different bodies in six different locations. It makes perfect sense that these six cadavers would be placed in six coffins in six different ambulances, because they are in six different places.

Less logical is why six mortal remains in the six boxes on the Verdun, was escorted by six other ships.

What we really would like to know, is this: Was there a reason for Blythe’s obsession with the number 6? Was there a rationale for the British military’s harping on the same quantity?

Of course, this is playing with numbers, but the French chose their unnamed soldiers from 9 battefields, suggesting a different way of understanding numerals.

And ending the war on the 11th hour of 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 was a deliberate decision.


Repetitions of W W W

We can be silly, and say that 11 is the representation of 6 in base 5, very similar to the Roman numeral representation given earlier. We could also say, if we had a counter in base 6, meaning that the highest shown number is 5, every time the 6th digit appears, it resets to zero, so 3 resets gives us 1000, like in a thousand lights, or a thousand year dictatorship, which will be mentioned again below.

Furthermore, it is not the present writer who came up with the ridiculous idea that WWW could be written V / V / V /, a supposed quick writing of VI VI VI. No serious reference to this can be found. This does not make the association impossible, but for a different reason. Semitic (Jewish and Arab) representations of the number 6 were given through their letter Waw, (sometimes “Vav”), the origin of our “W”.

We could even have suggested a less elegant idea of World War Lost, WWL. A Greek and Roman version of the letter L give something like a V, which, upside down, gives the old German Blackletter writing of “1”. Our equation becomes, World War 1 = World War Lost, if WWW is Vi Vi Vi: Victory, Victory, Victory, WWL is WWW – 1, 666 – 1, 665. Further, the letter “Waw” the sixth letter in Hebrew, looks very much like the number 1 with the hook on top. The loser’s number is close to the winner’s, and the winner is Leviathan.

Whether the Christian believes in personal interpretation of the Bible, or has recourse to authority, we believe that the Biblical test must be understood beyond its surface meaning, where necessary and possible. It is like the Russian Matrushka, or like a palimpsest, other discoveries remain to be made. We have played with the number, and found it in WW1.

A U.S. television series, The Twilight Zone, hosted by Rod Serling, bases one story on the post-Great War capture of the Leviathan, the Beast, in that program, howling like a wolf. An argument is made, that after the war, the world was relatively peaceful like never before. Copying to some extant the idea of Pandora’s Box, we see that a misguided individual releases the beast, (the wolf imagery meshes in, intentionally or not, with the etymology of the name “Adolph”), thus unleashing World War II.

Harping on that second war, now, if we scribble a “2” very quickly, it looks like a “Z”. If we rotate the Z, and flip it, we get a flipped “N”, which looks like a V I as expressed above, a supposed symbol for “W”. So, WWII = WWW, as does World War “Won”. Further, an old version in the Phoenician alphabet, where “Z” was called Zayin, was represented by a symbol very much like Time Roman “I”. Therefore, WWII = WW2 > WWZ > WWW > WWI.

That WWW is 666 in Various Permutations [also readable as 6 "V"s].

That WWW is 666 in Various Permutations [also readable as 6 “V”s].

WWII thus has its roots both in WWI, and both have a root in “666”, as expressed in the previously mentioned WWW.

During that time, Werner von Braun works on the V-1 and V-2 rockets. [Using the logic of the above diagram, V-1 = VI = V-2 = VZ = VI, where V+I = 6.]  The Americans work on the Manhattan Project. Even more methods of raining death with ever greater efficiently have been designed.

Some exegetes see the the Book of Revelation as describing modern, nuclear warfare, with its tremendous capacity to destroy mankind. No imagination is needed, no religon, even, to see this as an apocalyptic event. Indeed, Chapter 11 sounds like total war, total-spectrum war, World Wide War.

Verse 9 has two witnesses to the Lord, these two prophets are killed, and all the world rejoices at their death. This is only possible with television and the Internet.

Clearly, the Bible talks about wars and rumours of wars before the end of the world, and at various times, “the whole world” has meant, “the whole known world”. But the whole world means exactly undoubtedly has come to mean, the entire inhabited planet.


Tracing Back

So, Hitler, Stalin, and some lesser stars in the pantheon of dictatorship were probably used as test runs for the final days. When a corrupt leader is watched too closely by adoring, adulating masses.

Some critics will insist, however, that we must strictly use the numer of a name, which we have tried, but always using contempory alphabetical constructs.

We therefore go back to the Greek New Testament, to find the reading of 666. It has been suggested that this was one exception to Greek, that it was in Latin, and the Internet sufficiently well shows that both in Greek and in Hebrew, it is Nero whom is referenced. However, on a bilingual Greek and English Bible online, we see 666 in Greek letters, so any reference to Latin must be inferred.  The reference to Nero works when his Greek name is converted Hebrew letters, from which the value of 666 is returned. [Originally, letters represented numbers in some languages. In Semitic languages, the numbers simultaneously represented words, but not in Greek.]

The possibilities of words in Latin to represent to numeral 666 are limited. Our research discovered “Dic lux” as an anagram of DCLXVI, “say light”, where the Romans used “V” for our “U”. That looks rather meaningless. Our own imagination leads us to conclude Dux Cil. Dux is Latin for “leader” and “cil” is the root of the new Latin word “cilia” Its root, in turn, has meanings including “underworld” and “hell”. Leader of Hell, or Prince of Darkness. We also propose the following triangular construct, with “DD” replacing the value of “M” as 1000, so: DIC DD LUX: Say 1000 Lights. There was an American president who wanted to usher in 1000 lights, or points of light, which is, it is argued, Masonic symbolism.

Another manipulation, which we prefer, would use the “M” in the expression DUX MIL, written over the C. “MIL” is an abbreviation for military, or soldiers in Latin, or, using the same techniques, in reverse of those who get 666 from VICarIVs fILII DeI, we would write, DUX MILitaris, or DVX MILitiae over C. We thus get the idea of a military leader, or leader of an army, placed over 100. Roman legions were from 3,000 to 6,000 infantry, and 100 to 200 cavalry. We could also derive, DVX MILle, “leader of thousands”. Place in the name of a Roman Caesar or General, or a contempory one, or one who is yet to come. Or remember that devil which was cast out, of the name Legion.

What happens to DCLXVI when a value of 1000 is added. See text above image.

What happens to DCLXVI when a value of 1000 is added. See text above image.


Jesus, though, spoke neither Latin nor Hebrew, but Aramaic, a type of Arabic (although the latter three languages are all Semitic). A particular feature of these languages is that most words are based on root containing 3 consonants, the vowels are not written out. However, some letters that we would call vowels are indeed consonants, , such as Hebrew and Arabic representations of the first letter of the alphabet, equivalent to our “A”, the Aleph or Alif, the “WAW”, used as a “U”, “O”, or “W”, and the “Yaa”, representing an “I”, “EE”, or “Y”.

Only Biblical Hebrew was used in our research, and the results were disappointing, probably because Aramaic should have been used. That being rather difficult, we used Arabic, and found the following interesting results:

Eastern and Western Arabic did not agree on the value for 60, we will say that “siin [ س]” is “s” in our alphabet, and that “Saad” [ص] is “ss”, like the German “ß”. The other two letters of the mandatory triplet are “waw” [و] and a letter pronounced, as dictionaries say, like the “CH”[خ] of the Scottish “loch”.  (The pronunciation is irrelevant.)

Since the values of the letters are added, their order is irrelevant. Of twelve possible combinations, we found at least 6 that produced words, of which 4 or 5 could point to the “Beast”.

These are, the verb “to stink” [CHWS], “to get stuck [SWCH].both of these being rather rare, it seems; the verb “to be liberal”, bad only if it represents the welfare state, to those who disagree with it; and [WCHSS], to shake oneself, to worry [a possible reference to the Rock `n Roll condemned by some Christians]. Best of all, for our argument, a word [وسخ] which gives us dirt, dirty, dung, befoul, sordid, unclean, etc., closely related to the mention of “to stink”, related, as Hugo Chávez had it, to the sulphurous smell of the devil, or, as to the Bible might put it, an unclean beast, in which case “to shake” could suggest demonic possession.

Based on a U.S. Army psychiatric evaluation, Hitler may have engaged in foul, personal practices, worse than the smoking from which he abstained. His gesticulations do not, in our opinion, represent the equilibrium required of a race of mathematicians, musicians, and philosophers, and in the end, he was shaking uncontrollably. Par for the course of a dabbler in the occult.

While Hebrew and Arabic words often have the same roots, our dictionaries are too small to find those similarities, should they exist. Modern Hebrew is not valid for this purpose, as it contains words derived from non-Semitic languages..

To conclude this section, we can say that at least 0.666… percent of the words derived from letters which add up to 666 point to something demonic. How close Hitler came to this with his stinking racial philosophy which condemned 6 with 6 zeros of people to the Hell of which he pretended to be lord..


Appendix: Questioning Numbers derived from Numerals


Anglo-American Bias in Methodology

Before leaving, we show how anybody can have the number of the beast. It is really inconvenient to use our Roman alphabet for this purpose, because it does not correspond perfectly to the uses of other European languages. How does one distinguish between “ue” and “ü” in a name such as Mueller and Müller? Before the latter part of the 20th Century, Spanish counted “ll” “ñ”, and “ch” as separate letters in their dictionaries, still the case for “ñ”. Danish and Dutch also have some curiosities in their alphabets, and in Eastern Europe, those countries which do not use Cyrillic have their special letters, variations on the French “Ç”. German has an ß, which the Swiss often wrote as “ss”, but old texts wrote as “sz”, the latter, in old handwriting, often shown as “sh”. Even English had something called the long “S”. These are all different values, and there is absolutely no criteria by those engaged in gematria for the accurate interpretation of such characters. The bias in clear, ASCII is an American Standard, American Standard Code for Information Exchange. To be fair, it was not developed for these gematria games.

The New Testament was written in Greek, so perhaps we should be looking at numerical values of Greek letters. The values of these letters went far beyond the capacity of Roman numerals, in that they could easily approach 1,000,000.


Six 666 Identification Systems in Use

For simplicity’s sake, let’s leave it with the English language, and  ASCII  for the moment.

1. Our alphabet is converted into values from x +1 to x + 26, this is the technique used to get 666 for “Hitler”, when the value x is 99. If X = 0, and we use Hitler: + AAdolf , then Adolf = 1 +1+4 + 15 +13 + 6 = 39; Hitler = 72, the total is 111 All values multiplied by 6 give 666. [For the derivation of the “72”, see below, Six New Suggestions …, 2. We use 2 “A”s for Adolf, because the German language is fiddled around like the number of the beast, although I pronounce it in the Teutonic language as having one “A”, the true pronunciation should be as in the word “Saarland”, or “Paar”. Further, see comment to McCrea in the Bibliography, where he doubles Hebrew vowels when they are “long”.]

2. Our alphabet is converted into numerical values, each being a multiple of 6. Thus, “A” = 6, “J” = 60, “O” = 90.

3. Our alphabet is converted into ASCII code for the small letters. Used in a deceptive manner to associate a well-known living person with the number.

4. Our alphabet, converted into a numerical system for gematria, similar to the Hebrew and Greek Systems, meaning that “J” is 10, “K” is 20 … “S” is 90, “T” is 100, “U” is 200, … “Z” is 700.

5. The first name, middle name, and surname all consist of 6 letters. Give the frivolous derivation of the name of a president. We suggest, Title + Name (Anglicized) + Surname :”Führer Adolph Hitler”

6. ”V” and “I” extracted from a title 3 times, suggesting the Roman numeral VI, or “6”. Supposedly applicable to the Pope, disputed as based on a false premise. (See diagram for “W”.)


Six Variations on the Theme

We have seen some of the following variations, from which we can deduce even others.

1. A variation of the third method above, but with the last letter coming first, and the first last. Thus, Z = 6, A = 136.

2. We have seen a complex variation of the fourth method above, where for some reason, “J” = 600. It may be a misprint, as the standard method follows, with “K” being 20.

3. We could use the values given for the capital letters in ASCII.

4. We could use more precision, using the values for Capital letters for the first letter in a person’s name, and the small letters for the rest.

5. A variation of the above would be to assign separate values to both capital and small letters in the alphabet such as we use it. This, in turn, suggests 4 methods, excluding the addition to, or multiplication of, any term. A = 1, a = 2 … Z = 51, z = 52; a = 1, A = 2, etc., a = 1, z = 26, A = 27, etc.; and its reverse, A = 1, … a = 27, etc.

6. We could create a table which reflects all the English consonant phonemes correctly, so that a the sound “CH” is separate from the values of C + H (as in traditional Spanish, or Russian, with their letters “Cheh”). The special sound of “g” in “rouge”, the different values of “th” in “then” and “think”, (originallly differentiated in English), different values for the first and last “l” in “lily” (dark and light “L”, in Polish); a value for “sh”, and even differentiated values for different types of letter “s”, such as can be seen in the manuscript of the American Constitution, to reflect traditional values writing, and therefore in the calculation of values of all the printed characters.


Six New Suggestions on Deriving 666

Given that the Beast, on one level, is Satan, or for pre-Christian religions, let us say, an evil spirit, we suggest that the practicioners of gematria have not gone far enough.

So let’s play the game. We’ll start by using a fictional word instead of a real surname. We’ll prentend that the family name “Aardvark” exists.

1. Satan is Irrational

Aardvark, 1+1+13+4+22+1+18+11=71

71 x 9,3802816901408450704225352112676 = 666

2. Satan is Fractional and Fractious

Why give a nice, even value to evil?

Let’s try “zibet”, a rare spelling of “civet”

Alphabetically, 26 + 9 + 2+ 5 + 20 : 62. Since, if the value were increased by 10, we would have the value of Hitler: 8 + 9 + 20 + 12 + 5 +18 = 72.  We have thus used a formula of x + 2 for each letter (compare to “Six 666 Identification Systems in Use”, Point 1, above). This is much better, we multiply by 9 ¼ to get 666. This has a certain elegance for our purposes, as it represents 2 elements, 3 x 3 and ½ x ½. Unfortunately, 3½ is not the square root of 9 ¼.

Now, if we take 666, multiply by .666…, add the result to itself, and divide by 72, we get 12,333333… . Notice how 1+2+3 = 6, and then, so does every pair of 3 + 3. Sixes unto infinity! Irrationality from fractiousness!

3. Satan is Negativity

Modifying our schema in the 6th method of the second group of ways of deriving 666, we suggested mixing positive and negative values. In fact, this could be applied to ASCII and similar systems. One variation would be to use a negative value for every second letter.

HITLER: 8 – 9 + 20 – 12 + 5 – 18 = -6 ! See how this coincidence of Hitler and sixes pops up all over the place. After all, he was waxing wrathly that World War “Won” was won wrongly!

4. Satan is a Square

With necessary multiplications or additions, we could try for the squares of the values. From our previous paragraph, using only positive values, we get 64 + 81 + 400 + 144 + 25 + 324 = 1039, not our best looking number, but it is the approximate square of 32,23, in which we see values on both side of the decimal, which, when multiplied, give 6.

Using our positive plus negative numbers, we get -60.

5. Satan Cubed, or in Three Dimensions

The result of our calculation is 14,843843…, irrational. The “1+4” can represent the diabolical pentagram, into which the Satanic head can be drawn, while the series 8 + 4 + 3 add up to 15, where the 1 + 5 add up to 6, into infinity. With the negative values, we get 3,105105105… which we here show as 3 times the grouping of “105”, where each 1 + 0 + 5 = 6.

6. Satan as Real

1101,948948. Without adding 72 to all the other values obtained above, we get this value, which we can simplify into a binary portion on the left of the decimal place, representing the number 13, as the the sum of the first two digits on the right. Not quite fair, by mathematical rules. By proper rounding, we get 1101.94895. Taking the numbers, so that they never exceed 20 in adding, we get 1+1+1+9 = 12, 4 + 8 = 12, and 9 + 5 = 14. The average is still approximately 13, 13 1/3. Bad luck all oveer the place. Should we add 72, we get 1173,948948. Our break-down is that the portion on the left has numerals adding up to 12, while each triplet on the left of the decimal adds up to 21. These two numbers are mirror images of each other, their numberals add up to 3. Each 3 groups thus gives 3 … 3… 3, and added to each second three groups gives 6 … 6 … 6.


We have looked at several ways of finding the number of the beast, starting with a numerical introduction, then going into a book which mentioned an event after World War I, which led to Hitler and World War II.  We see a further pattern with the letter “W” to the number 6, then trace 18 methods, 6 traditional, plus 6 newer, and 6 new suggestions.  In this, we show at least 6 ways in which “Hitler” can be the number of the Beast, although we prefer the name “Satan”, where, if any of this is relevant, the source of the problem must exist.

Павел Карл Моллер – 23 февраля 2015 года   保罗·卡尔·默勒


1 We do not link the reference about friends, as it will probably disappear within a few years: The blatantly blasphemous pages will under no circumstances be intentionally mentioned.

2 This reminds us of the promotional poster for the Russian movie Leviathan, where the skeleton of a whale suggests a monster, but the story line suggests the monster to be no more than the mayor and his underlings in a small town.

3 A statement of our position on Freemasons is found in our article on the small communities of Harrow, Colchester, and Oxley, here on WordPress.  The juxtaposition of this statement is not meant to cast aspersions on these communities, as might be inferred from the preceding note – I know of no such corruption.

666 in Google Books.

Many web sites last only a few years, we have followed links to some that no longer exist, or to accounts that needed to be paid.  We do not believe this to be true of Google Books. The selection of material found, however, does not reflect the diversity that modern laws require.  Of material without copyright, only one Catholic source has been discovered, and that in French. No sources have been discovered in German.  English sources are obsessed with the Papacy as the Beast. Catholics seem to prefer the Roman Emperors.  Of modern, basically secular sources, the suggestions are so colourful as to be ignored, save for humour.


Bruner, Frederick Dale. Matthew: The Churchbook.  W. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2004. P. 531 Henry Kissinger, Oliver Cromwell, Kennedy.

Calmet, Augustin. “Sur l’Ante-Christ” in Commentaire litteral sur tous les livres de l’ancien et du nouveau Testament. Paris, MDCCXXVI. P. 355.

McCrea, Rev., “Easter Pastime” by Rev. Mr. McCrea in The Protestant confederate and mirror of truth Vol. I No. I.   P. 15. The form of suggesting 666 connects to Rome, shows the Hebrew vowels as doubled.

Paget Baxter, Michael. Louis Napoleon the Infidel Antichrist predicted in prophecy to … .  Toronto; M. Shewan, 1861.   [].

Ronald, Donald P. [Lutheran author] . The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Biblical Mysteries. Penguin, 2000. P. 291.  Kennedy gets 666 votes at the Democratic Convention. 

The Theological Works of the most Pious and Learned Henry More, D.D.  London: Joseph Downing, MDCCVIII.  []


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